DTS-HD Master Audio is the latest uncompressed audio format and is available on Blu-ray discs.  With upwards of 7.1 channels of discrete surround sound and connected via copy-protected HDMI cables, DTS-HD Master Audio is at the pinnacle of surround sound technology for home theater. DTS-HD Master Audio includes the DTS "Core" track which is a lossy format but can be output via digital outputs (like optical or coax). DTS-HD MA has variable bitrates up to 24.5 mbps. The only two ways to get DTS-HD Master Audio is either via HDMI to a receiver that can decode it, or from a 6-channel analog output from Blu-ray players that have such outputs, and a receiver that has a multi-channel input.

dtsHD MAS Songs 5.1:

songs from tamil films in raw mode from HD content. i.e. files are with .dtshd extension, playable in foobar 2000 with dts decoder. Mostly HD content with this type of audio. audio signal will be transfered through HDMI interface only, since data bitrate more in the order of 25Mbps. Usually the decoder for multichannel equiped with Home Theatre. These raw format files could not be played in deomestic players. Download the songs and try with foobar 2000.  

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