AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) is a file-based format for the digital recording and playback of high-definition video.Developed jointly by Sony and Panasonic, the format was introduced in 2006 primarily for use in high definition consumer camcorders. AVCHD specification was amended to include 1080-line 50-frame/s and 60-frame/s modes (AVCHD Progressive) and stereoscopic video (AVCHD 3D). AVCHD and its logo are trademarks of Sony and Panasonic. Most AVCHD with audio, Dolby Digital (AC-3) compression scheme. Stereo and multichannel audio is supported. Audio data rate can range from 64 kbit/s to 640 kbit/s. Some professional models allow recording uncompressed linear PCM audio. AVCHD Lite, AVCCAM, AVCHD Pro, NXCAM are some brand names.

This AVCHD Audio only disc holds multimedia data encoded in dts HD MASTER AUDIO format @ 48000 Hz, 16-Bit, six channels (FL, FR, C, LFE, LS, RS).

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